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Comprehensive Energy Brokerage Services

Empire Energy Group, LLC is an energy brokerage services firm who specializes in providing best-in class brokerage services to our industry-wide clients who operate in today's global energy marketplace. Our deep seated relationships across the energy sector allow us to serve producers and consumers, leading investment and commercial banks, hedge funds, asset managers, proprietary trading firms, pension funds and individual traders. As an independent introducing broker, Empire Energy provides transparency, liquidity and timely deal execution services to a global network of energy traders and risk management professionals.


Perspective & Experience

Empire Energy's brokers have on average over 20 years experience in the energy industry. This allows us to provide a unique fundamental and technical perspective on the markets we cover.  We believe these years of experience afford us a comprehensive knowledge of the products we broker and allow us to disseminate market information promptly, intelligently and accurately. We are active in the following markets.

  • Natural Gas
  • Electricity
  • Crude Oil


Adding Value

Most successful businesses will tell you they could not have accomplished their goals without help.  As an independently owned company, Empire Energy recognizes customer satisfaction is the only way to assure continued success. We are committed to maintaining strict customer confidentiality and privacy. Our core principles and strong mission drive our efforts. So find out what makes our proven approach to your energy brokerage services successful. Call us today.

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